About Me
Introducing Dr. Greg Gatchell
My focus is helping middle age men create a healthy life so they can do the things they want with the people they love.

My accomplishments include:
Bachelor's of Science in Biological Sciences
Medical Degree
Completed Family Medicine Residency
Completed Geriatric Fellowship
Completed Medical Education Fellowship
Certified in Lifestyle Medicine
Complete Health Improvement Program Facilitator

Work History:
Practiced medicine for over 10 yrs in clinics, nursing homes and hospitals
Experienced in treating veterans
Past clinical professor at multiple universities
Multiple published research articles

Other Info:
Practicing physician since 2006
Creator of "The Total Health Blueprint System"
Honolulu Marathon Finisher
Competed in Hawaiian Amateur Surfing Tournament
Lived and travelled to multiple countries around the world

I Grew up in one of the poorest areas of the U.S. (Appalachia) and I'm now living in Hawaii.  After taking care of older adults for years I began to see patterns with end stages of chronic diseases tied to unhealthy lifestyle habits.  I have always wanted to help people and I became tired of seeing people incur unnecessary pain and suffering.  I became certified in lifestyle medicine to keep myself and others from going down the path of poor health and all of its consequences.  Personally I have lost nearly 30 pounds using lifestyle medicine principles.  I practice what I preach which is healthy living.  I have helped many lose weight, reverse chronic diseases and take control of their health through lifestyle medicine.  

When you want to create a healthy life and do the things you want with the people you love, you need someone you can count on when it comes to lifestyle medicine.

I'm currently developing an eCourse called The Total Health Blueprint to help you lose weight, have more energy, and feel like you did when you were younger!

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